Health and Wellness

Northeast Elementary has received the 2014 National Gold Award through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. This prestigious award has been earned due to the dedication of our staff and families partnered to reduce childhood obesity and foster healthy decision making to last a lifetime. Northeast was the first elementary school to receive this national award in 2011 and continues to be one of three elementary schools in the nation with this honor. Stay tuned for more information as the official forum will take place in September as Northeast receives the award from Bill Clinton and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

CB5K                         Northeast Color Burst 5 K Run.
                         Having fun and getting healthy!

Northeast provides a healthy well-balanced lunch for children each day, be it from home or through the lunch program at school.  For home lunches, parents send items that add nutritional value.  The “My Plate” Food Guide is an example.  No outside vendor food (fast food, pop, chips, etc.) may be sent or brought to school.  This is a requirement for Northeast.

Northeast Elementary holds three fundraisers annually. All three fundraisers focus on our mission of health and wellness, no food or beverages are a part of our fundraising efforts at Northeast Elementary. Each fundraiser is centered around physical activities and fundraising comes in the form of  individual sponsorship for the event. All students are eligible to participate in our culminating activities.  
1. Football Frenzy - whole school day of football activities, monetary donations to our students that support school, prizes are all non food health/wellness related items, no food or beverages sold, occurs on a Friday afternoon during school hours
2. Walk A Thon- whole school walk a thon occurs in the late Spring, fundraising as monetary donations to our school, no food or beverages sold, occurs on a school day afternoon on our school track 
3. Colorburst5K- community wide 5K sponsored by our school, entry to race, all profits come back to the school to increase our health and wellness initiatives, no food or beverages are sold, occurs on a Saturday morning in April 


Thank you to our families for your support in helping us educate the whole child-academically, physically, and socially.

My Plate Food Guide