Mrs. Truex -Letter of Welcome
Posted on 08/16/2017
Mrs. Truex




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Danville Community Consolidated School District No. 118




Dear Parents,


Welcome to Northeast Elementary Magnet School! My name is Kelly Truex, and I am the principal. I am excited to share a few things about our school. We are committed to our students and families to provide the best possible educational experience each day.


We are a unique school in Danville District #118 by having a balanced calendar schedule, offering Spanish classes and PE to Kindergarten through sixth grade students every day. We are very proud to be named a Gold Recipient for our Healthy Alliance Initiative. Northeast offers a healthy lunch and breakfast menu and stresses the importance of physical activity throughout the day. All classrooms have an exercise break time embedded in their daily schedules.


Northeast first and second grade students have violin instruction two times a week. Our music teacher teaches fifth and sixth grade band as well as general music to all Kindergarten through sixth grade students. Both the violin program and band program perform concerts throughout the year.


Northeast Elementary will continue to be an AVID Elementary School. Several staff members attended an intensive training to ensure our students learn important skills to be college and career ready. In elementary school, we learn strategies to help students become better learners and more organized for their futures.


Parents are a huge part of the success of our students. Parents are required to volunteer 26 hours a year. There are many opportunities to volunteer both inside and outside the school. We provide opportunities during the school day, in the evenings and weekends to be sure to meet the needs of all parents’ busy schedules. Grandparents can also get involved by volunteering 10 of those 26 hours. Families are always welcome at Northeast!


Thank you for choosing Northeast Elementary Magnet School! We are happy to serve you and your children!